College Radio Update – WEEKS 3-5

The College Radio campaign is still going along nicely, with Week 3 showing a new charting station picked up, WRTC in Hartford, Connecticut, charting at #14. KSCU in Santa Clara said Dreamers Remix has "been on quite a roll recently" with KZUU from...

Why You Need To See Eric Clapton’s Documentary

As if you needed another reason other than the fact that it's about the man himself to watch Eric Clapton's new documentary, Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars, he can give you some himself. The film gives viewers uncensored access to so many moments of his...

College Radio Update – WEEK TWO

The second week of the US College Radio campaign for Buried Pleasures sees two chart debuts from WESS in East Stroudsberg, Pennsylvania (#4) and KMNR in Rolla, Missouri (#9). WNJR in Washington, Pennsylvania also had the record on their charts at #21....

Buried Pleasures’ College Radio Success!

Last week, Buried Pleasures was sent off to a number of US radio stations, and a report has been released to show some promising results so far. WNJR in Washington, Pennsylvania managed to get the record to chart at #21, which points to signs of a great campaign to...

ABC Documentary To Help Music Education

A new documentary planned on ABC, featuring singer-songwriter Guy Sebastian, is set to tackle the lack of music education in primary schools. A 2005 report by National Review of Music Education found that 63% of Australian primary schools offered no...

Records and Refreshments – Leederville’s New Cafe

What could be much cooler than combining a cafe with a record store? Not much I say! Local record store Rhubarb Records recently opened up their Vinyl Cafe in Leederville, which combines owner Dylan Sainsbury's two passions - music and food! Dylan worked...

Sydney’s Newest Festival Addition

Get ready Sydney snowboarders - next August, The Domain will come alive with a music festival crossed with an epic snowboarding competition. Olympic snowboarding gold medallist Shaun White is completely behind the idea, scoring a partnership with the...

Rise In Vinyl Sales

It's no secret that there has been a rise in vinyl sales this year. Walking through the streets of Fremantle sees plenty of stores selling old (and new) records for all music lovers. Nearly 10 million albums have already been sold this year, but 2017's top...

Kerri-Anne Kennerley Tells Her Tale

Australian television personality, singer and actress Kerri-Anne Kennerley has bravely stepped forward to tell of the struggles she went through with her ex-husband, music producer Jimmy Miller, during their marriage. Miller is known for producing albums...



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